Urban Plan ‘Sector PP7 – La Freixa’ (Valls)

In the development of the sector, a hierarchy of roads is proposed according to their connectivity with the adjacent neighbourhoods. The north-south directional streets connect with the Mas Clariana urbanization and with the basic network. The east-west directional streets are internal streets of the neighbourhood, which are used for the circulation of vehicles and serve to connect the private land.

The public facilities provided have been located giving continuity to the existing facilities in the Mas Clariana area and also act as a binding element of the neighbourhood.


  • Location: Sector PP7 - La Freixa - Valls (Tarragona)
  • Collaborators: INTRAESA (Urbanization project) and LIMONIUM S.L.
  • Developer: Inmobiliaria Colonial, S.A.
  • Urbanization budget: 7,193,370.44 €
  • Area: 11.65 Ha
  • Gross buildability index: 0.6 m²t/m²s