Pass Montoliu Building (Tarragona)

84 Apartments, shops and Parking

The complex is located in the former property of the Sisters of the Poor. This property is limited to Catalunya avenue, the Marques de Montoliu avenue Joana Jugan street and street Sant Antoni Maria Clare street.

The rule only allows the use of 50% of the plot, it has two blocks with a space between them, this space is like a garden and serves to entry each of them.

In the northern block, distributed 6 apartments per floor, with two scales. In the southern bloc, also distributed 6 apartments per floor, with two scales.

Topographically, there was a considerable slope in the plot on the south by the north to be a considerable recess of the land.

The regulation only allows the situation of the blocks, following the alignment of the avenue Marques de Montoliu.


  • Location: Tarragona
  • Project date: 2006
  • Construction date: 2008-2010
  • Area: 16,651 m²
  • Budget: 7,253,971 €
  • Client (Basic project): VALLEHERMOSO S.A.U.