Park Mestral Building (Tarragona)

57 Apartments, Shops and Parking

The building is located in the western part of the city of Tarragona. It is a building that follows the alignment of isolated street Vilches Domínguez.

The difference in elevation between the street and the natural terrain is approximately 4 meters, so the private garden is situated at a lower level to the ground floor.

On the ground floor, the side street is allocated premises and the side facing the garden at home.

The first floor to the fifth, are devoted to apartments. Through a longitudinal corridor, ready to half the depth of the building, gives access to 9 apartments, 4 on the façade on the street and 5 on the garden.

The façade combines brick, coating continuous and stone veneer.


  • Location: Tarragona
  • Project date: 2005
  • Construction date: 2008-2010
  • Area: 8,285 m²
  • Budget: 3,187,337 €