Mediterrània Building (Reus)

70 Apartments, Shops and Parking

The generously sized plot is situated at Sant Jordi Avenue in Reus. The main body ot the building, is U-shaped, follows the alignment of the avenue, the remaining free space is allocated to garden and pool.

Just in the axis of symmetry of the building is placed a single entrance hall, which occupies the entire depth of the building and visually communicates with the garden. On the ground floor, on either side of the lobby there are shops.

The building of 70 apartments, divided over 3 staircases, one located in the same hall and the other two at each end of the building. The scale of the medium serves 2 apartments per floor, stairs at each ends 4 apartments each.

Both the front and rear Avenue have continual terraces.


  • Location: Reus (Tarragona)
  • Project date: 1997
  • Construction date: 1997-1999
  • Area: 13,772.22 m²
  • Budget: 4,268,429 €
  • Client: ALNIMAR S.A.