Building in Casau (Vielha)

5 Apartments and Parking

The building is situated in the heart of Casau, which belongs to the municipality of Vielha.

Very rigid regulations, prevented any proposed solution in which deviate from the stereotypical image of the houses in the Aran Valley.

Using typical façade materials such as stone and slate, we have tried to present an image, which has also been used by the fibreboard type Prodema.

The plot, although small, has a steep slope in the north south. This unevenness is used to place the garage with entrance from the lowest point of the site.

On the ground floor are placed two houses, and the top floor of the three duplex homes, also take advantage of the space of low roof.


  • Location: Casau (Vielha)
  • Project date: 2004
  • Construction date: 2004-2005
  • Area: 895 m²
  • Budget: 365,099 €
  • Client: GARDINAR S.L.