D’Aurea Augusta Building (Tarragona)

15 Apartments and Garages

The residential complex is located on a pot on the east coast of Tarragona. A very rigid planning regulations, almost defined the location and volume of the set: two buildings next to street.

Once you access the site, there is a large green area which, accompanies all ways at two levels at which develops the space community outsidel, set at a lower level communication and access between the two blocs and the top there are the playgrounds and swimming pool.

The 15 apartments which make up the residential typologies are divided into 3, 5 and 6 bedrooms, all with spacious terraces to the south and west, protected by mobile and adjustable slats that act simultaneously and independent of sunscreen these areas of transition between inside and outside, working as – dining room for summer.

Constructively, the building is designed to ensure maximum thermal and acoustic conditions inside the homes. Being used for exterior ventilated facade, complete with a closing mixed wood-aluminum carpentry.

Concern about increasing the environmental value of the whole area, resulting in a special care facility for energy saving, the production of hot water has a support of solar panels. The heating system is solved with underfloor heating with high resilience to temperature changes and a low initial temperature of operation and increase water savings, it has installed a greywater recycling system.


  • Location: Tarragona
  • Project date: 2005
  • Construction date: 2006-2007
  • Area: 4,624 m²
  • Budget: 2,091,443 €