Activa Mutua Building (Reus)

The Activa Mutua building is located in the Tecnoparc de Reus, at the junction between Bellissens highway and Cambra del Comerç Avenue.

The functional program of the building includes different uses, such as offices, health care use, parking and archives.

Architecturally notable triple height atrium access, illuminated from above; The lobby is the centre of the building, a multifunctional space from which all generated circulations and building relationships. The distribution is intended that all rooms have natural light to work in conditions of maximum comfort.

Constructively the building is a structure of concrete pillars and reticular roof. The facade has been resolved with a finish of type GRC prefabricated panels, combined with an aluminium curtain wall glazing and insulation, low-emission or solar control, which is energy saving.

The interior finishes allow the versatility of spaces and can be modified according to the needs of use of the building. The interior divisions are united with a partition wall the floors are floating floors and false ceilings are removable.

The main tasks that have been completed by the Project Management are:

  • Execution of the Project and the Environmental License.
  • Support in the adjudication of the works.
  • Following and processing of licenses and permits.
  • Duration of execution of the works.
  • Monitoring and control of costs, compliance with deadlines and quality control of the execution.
  • Reception and start-up of the building.
  • Management in the contracting of services.
  • Support for the tender and procurement of audio-visual equipment, computers, furniture, etc.

The Management has been developed jointly with Intraesa engineering.


  • Location: Cambra del Comerç Avenue - Tecnoparc Reus (Reus)
  • Developer: Activa Mutua 2008
  • Area: 6,452 m²
  • Budget: 7,630,869 € + VAT