Regional Hospital of Amposta (Amposta)

The local Hospital Amposta occupies the block between the streets Verdaguer, Escoles, Gran Capita and Mendez Pelayo.

The center has expanded with a new building and the arrangement has been executed within the existing building, built in the 80s of the last century. Between the two buildings, formerly there was a street, the union between the two buildings was done with a fully curtain wall.

In the basement, we have emergency services and image diagnosis, with independent access for ambulances.

The ground floor access is just in front of the public park. Is intended to admit service, outpatient and administration.

The first floor rehabilitation service, laboratory, and surgical, with four operating rooms, delivery and room resuscitation.

The second floor is devoted entirely to hospitalization.

The third floor, entirely socio unit, with a total of 28 beds.


  • Location: Amposta (Tarragona)
  • Project date: 1992-2008
  • Construction date: 1993-2010
  • Area: 10.870 m²
  • Budget: 3.740.157 €
  • Client: SAMGISS