Leisure and Sport Area ‘La Torre d’en Guiu’ (El Catllar)

The tower d’en Guiu is located on a site on the outskirts of El Catllar, formerly used as a campsite. In an environment defined by the river Gaià and a significant mass of trees, the City wanted to recover the play area and simultaneously expand the range of sports activities for the people (swimming and tennis).

The proposal is seen as an activity that respects the environment and the pre-existing area, but with the clear intention to restructure it and thus enhance it’s use keeping it’s character.

The space is organized through walls that act as a time element delimiters, banks and containment systems for users. These are arranged so that the main circulation focuses visually towards the central space as a whole, intended for festive activities for the people.

Proposal set comes complete with two buildings that serve different purposes in the field: the first with the bar and the changing room at the pool, and the second with the changing room and services for both sports courts for initiatives developed on the immediate scene.

With regard to the maximum integration of the intervention in this privileged environment, the building attached to the boundaries of the site. This will achieve two purposes: freeing up the space for the outdoor activities, as well as avoing the sight of the neighbours parking area (used for caravans).

To minimize the visual impact of the action, using materials of the zone.


  • Location: El Catllar (Tarragona)
  • Project date: 2004
  • Construction date: 2005-2006
  • Area: 950 m²
  • Budget: 152,261 €